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Since 1989, the Elevate Creative Group, a Dallas advertising agency is 100% customer-focused. We want to help our clients make money. With a rich history in brand communications, the Elevate Creative Group is a nationally recognized advertising agency with a solid foundation of industry knowledge, a broad scope of category experience, and a deep stable of highly experienced, people to help your company achieve a new level of success.


Looking to reach a higher levels of career satisfaction Tell us why you think you’re a good fit for the Elevate Creative Group. Please send your resume and portfolio to: careers@

We’re currently looking for the following positions:
>Sales Rrepresentive / New Business Development
> Freelance Photographers: Fashion, Lifestyle, Jewelry, Table-top, Environmental, Location
> Freelance Creative: Art Direction, Design, Copy
> Freelance PreMedia: Retouching, Photo Composition, Illustration, 3D, Assembly
> Freelance NewMedia: Video, 3D Animation, Application Developer, Programmers

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