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At Elevate Creative Group, we believe a brand is “a person’s perception of a product, service, or company.” That definition has nothing to do with a mission statement, logo, tagline, color palette or typography. Instead, a brand is defined by a perception, good or bad, your customers or prospects have about you. Every company has a brand, but unfortunately, many don’t understand if they don’t diligently manage their brand, customers will create a brand for them. Elevate Creative Group offers corporate branding services, creating a positive brand identity and perception by customers of your brand.

Many companies believe being the best at something is how to define a brand. Some companies think they differentiate themselves with cost-of-entry features, such as “quick delivery ”or “great customer service. ” Not realizing they’re expected benefits today — not differentiating benefits. Customers now expect quick delivery and great service.

The Elevate Creative Group believes the key to growth is creating an ownable differentiation that means something to the marketplace. It’s not three or five things, but one identifiable attribute that can be executed and delivered across all channels. Then, and only then will customers “get it.” And Elevate Creative Group offers corporate branding services so your customers “get it.”

At Elevate Creative Group, the unique selling proposition is the agency’s innovation. It’s the ability to consistently analyze every

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