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Elevate Creative Group

communicate better. sell more.

If you don’t know all the questions.
We have answers.

Do you call it Prepress or premedia? We happen to speak both languages. Do you know the difference between stochastic, round, or elliptical dots? Do you know when to use GraCol, SWOP #3 or SWOP #5 proofing standards? Do you know what die lines, folios, pagination, PDFX1A, or style sheets are?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to sweat the details when you hire the Dallas advertising agency, Elevate Creative Group for your pre-press services. Our core creative group of technicians, we mean propeller heads, account for every detail throughout the production cycle of pre-press services.

Do you need to match PMS 485 red, printing offset, rotogravure, silkscreen and ink jet? It all needs to match, huh? How about we throw in some different variables, like aluminum, polypropylene, or styrene? Are you stumped yet?

Oh, yes, let’s not forget more variables. Versions. Versions. Versions. Fifty markets, twelve private labels, three drops, four languages, variable data, and three printers in the USA and two in China. No worries, just pick up the phone now and back away from the ledge! Elevate Creative Group will take care of all your pre-press services.

Pre-press Services