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Elevate Creative Group

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Smart, Strategic, Affordable

#1 Discover

At Elevate Creative Group, our Dallas advertising agency has a discovery phase that’s all about getting to know you, your audience, your market, and your competition. Elevate Creative Group tests your brand positioning, your unique selling proposition, and measures your product sales, analyzing the effectiveness of every square inch of your multi-channel marketing tools, ensuring you get the most profit from every advertising campaign. While this phase is very time-consuming, it’s well worth the effort, because it will result in higher customer appeal and sales effectiveness.

#2 Create

After using all the data and information we discovered, Elevate Creative Group then begins the creativity. Your brand strategy is put into place. Media is selected. Your campaign is planned and concepts are crafted. From copy voice to creative look, from product selection and placement, to paper, colors — even functionality are put in place and prepared to enter the marketplace.

#3 Elevate

When we complete all the discovering and creating, next comes the launching of your catalog, website, or advertising campaign. While it might seem a prime time to relax and watch the sales come in, Elevate Creative Group believes a key part of our strategy is utilizing this most crucial time to measure effectiveness, forecast the upcoming market and refine your campaign to further maximize sales in the next round.

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